Honda ABS/ALB fluid bleed



               Disclaimer: The following is provided as a GUIDE ONLY, and I do not take any responsibility for the outcomes of someone else doing the following. You follow these steps at your own risk!

Aim: To Bleed the ABS/ALB system
Required: see pic bellow

you need
- 500ml of quality ( OEM HONDA ) brake fluid
- syringe with a bit of vacuum hose on the end
- long nose pliers
- Special Honda T piece ALB Bleed tool ( 95-97 Accord you can use a 10mm spanner, DC2 as well I think )

Steps: 1 locate your ABS or ALB system

it should look something like this, this is a Del Sol ABS Modulator

STEP 2: open the reservoir cap and suck out all the brake fluid with the syringe.

when you have sucked out all the fluid, fill it up to the top with brake fluid.

STEP 3: locate the accumulator bleed nipple, blue circle, red arrow. It will have a cover ( green arrow ) remove the cover with your long nose pliers. do not loose the cover.

STEP 4: place the T piece tool on the nipple, ensure its cap is on properly, turn the handles anti-clockwise slowly until all the brake fluid stops rushing out of the accumulator. then close the nipple.

do not over tighten the bleed nipple.

STEP 5: locate your ABS fuse box

lift the cover off, lift from the tab where the blue arrow is pointing.

STEP 6: locate and remove the ABS pump relay ( blue circle )

STEP 7: short out the two contacts that will drive the pump. on this type of set up its the two bottom contact that are closer to each other. IGN off.
DO NOT RUN THE PUMP FOR LONGER THAN 7 sec. this will prime the Accumulator with brake fluid from the reservoir.

red circle, short out the lower two contact. ( blue line )

STEP 8: open the T piece tool lowly anti-clockwise to allow the pressurized brake fluid escape from the accumulator. Then close the nipple.

STEP 9: fill the reservoir with brake fluid to compensate for the fluid you have just flushed out.

STEP 10: repeat steps 7, 8, 9 until you have flushed clean fluid out into the reservoir of the T piece tool. do not allow its reservoir to get to full. refit your ABS pump relay. Refit the bleed nipple cover. Turn the IGN on to II. Allow the ABS Pump to run if the ABS computer doesnít sense enough pressure in the Accumulator, and then recheck your ABS fluid level.

download a video of this process 2.5mb click here


you might think this DIY is useless coz you donít have the special tool, well you could be right, maybe you will appreciate the service you get at your Honda dealership. ( I wonder how many non Honda workshops bleed your abs correctly ). or you could make your own tool. However CD5 and DC2 owners are in luck. on cars that are ALB you need the tool. on cars that are ABS with the square sided bleed nipple, you need the tool. On cars like CD5 and DC2 you have a hex bleed nipple, and the ABS modulator is in an accessible area, you can use a 10mm spanner and a brake bleed bottle instead of the tool. make sure you hold the hose down on the nipple as you open it as pressurized brake fluid is going to come out. open the nipple slowly and only a little bit. you can regulate the amount of fluid that comes out.

if your paranoid have the hose, sponge, suds and a bucket handy.

Type III ABS systems most post 96 cars will have the low pressure ABS system. these ABS systems do not have an Accumulator nor a ABS brake fluid reservoir. They are bleed as you bleed your brakes.


have fun

Disclaimer: The following is provided as a GUIDE ONLY, I do Nottake any responsibility for the outcomes of someone else doing the following. You follow these steps at your own risk!













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