Honda EG Civic B18C ITR Install                             



               Disclaimer: The following is provided as a GUIDE ONLY, and I do not take any responsibility for the outcomes of someone else doing the following. You follow these steps at your own risk!

Aim: to make car go faster
Required: lots of tools, engine hoist, some hours to sleep
Steps: lots, see bellow
Other comments: donít get a cage trailer for your front cut!!!!

In this article Ill describe how to install a B18C in an EG Civic, its note quite step by step, but it should give you an idea of the work required to do such a conversion.

- its best to take the car 1st to an aircon place and have them vac out the refrigerant from the aircon system.

Start by getting your front cut to the workshop. Donít make the same mistake as me and get a trailer with a cage.

didnít quite fit out the front, had to sort of tilt and lift, wasted alot of time.

Removing the engine from the front cut was fun, just be careful not to damage anything as you may need to use it in the install or you can sell off bits that are left over.

I gave the engine a bit of a pressure clean once it was out,

1. to get rid of alot of crap that was on the engine.
2. to make it look nice

Next step is to remove the engine from the EG

- Remove the bonnet, drain the gearbox oil, engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, and the clutch hydraulic fluid. remember to get the aircon gas removed by a aircon place, prior to starting the job.
******** NEVER VENT R12 GAS TO THE ATMOSPHERE **********

- Remove battery, remove the radiator, Aircon Condenser, power steering pump and reservoir, intake system. ( red circles ) splash guard

- Undo the brake booster vac line, fuel lines, heater hoses, accelerator cable, wiring loom from both LH and RH shock towers for PGMFI and ACC, air con lines from compressor. clutch slave cylinder hose, shift linkage, exhaust. earth strap from rocker and MT. batt positive terminal from fuse box.
- remove drive shafts. see photo bellow

Support the engine with the engine hoist and undo the engine mounts. located roughly in blue circles above.

lift engine out, make sure there is nothing attached to the engine as you lift it out.

now its time to remove the D series rear center engine mount and the High pressure power steering line.

I also installed a K beam support bar the front cut had on it. ( red circle in picture bellow )

Install the ITR high pressure power steering hose as this lines up perfectly with the B18C. notice it has a pressure switch on it ( red circle above pic )

then fit the ITR Rear Center engine mount on the cross member.

I decided to give the engine bay a pressure clean at this stage to make it look nice. then where ready to drop the beast in.

do up the two center mounts to hold the engine in the bay

now do up the two lower mounts.

now do up the center rear mount, ( have fun )
no pic of this one

now its time to start connecting everything , like the power steering, vac lines, RHS ( driver side ) engine to tower loom, fuel lines, heater hoses. earth strap at gearbox, clutch slave hose. fit air intake of your choice. all these just line right up with no mods. gotta love Honda ay

install the radiator and the condenser. you will have to ghetto the compressor hoses for the air con system, but they will bolt in to seal up the aircon system till you take it to get them modified when regassed. do up the earth strap to the rocker cover.

remove the D series shift linkage and install the ITR linkage. install both drive shafts.

Replace the oil filter, and fill up the
engine oil
gearbox oil
clutch system fluid
power steering fluid


now the engine bay all ready to go you have to wire it all up.

now the fun begins

cut the OBDII ECU connectors off the loom roughly about 30cm from the connectors.

remove your D series ECU

Im not going into great detail on connecting each and every wire, but if you want and exact list of what goes where email me.

I think its good practice to connect one wire at a time and then do a continuity test to make sure you have done it right, then move to the next wire.

you will have to run 5 extra wire to the engine bay from the ecu

- power steering Pressure switch signal
- power steering Pressure switch Ground
- knock sensor
- O2 heater
- VTEC solenoid

you just have to tap into the loom connector at the shock tower, then you can connect the 3 connectors there.

heres some more pics

and after 2 days of work

this bad boy started 1st pop, ran for a bit then wouldnít restart, found out the plugs where rooted so I replaced them and off she goes to the exhaust place to have the exhaust welded on properly. I just did a bit of a ghetto mod with some wire to hold it in place.

let me tell you this thing goes HARD.

just use all the ITR mounts and you wont have any problems


Disclaimer: The following is provided as a GUIDE ONLY, I do Nottake any responsibility for the outcomes of someone else doing the following. You follow these steps at your own risk!













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