S2000 start button Install on 5th Gen



               Disclaimer: The following is provided as a GUIDE ONLY, and I do not take any responsibility for the outcomes of someone else doing the following. You follow these steps at your own risk!



This DIY shows how to install a S2000 start button to a 5th Gen Prelude; you can use this method to install the S2000 button to any other Honda or Car. You donít even have to use a S2000 button.

If installing to any other car other than a 5th Gen Prelude, Check the wires for yourself to make sure you have found the correct wires. DO NOT GO BY THIS DIY COLOUR CODES.

MAKE SUR YOU HAVE YOUR STEREO CODE, as you will be needing it

AIM: Install a Start button


Test light
Multi Meter
Philips head Screw driver
Double sided tape
Soldering Iron
Electrical Tape
S2000 Start Button
Automotive Relay
Automotive Relay Base
Floppy drive power supply connector
A cable tire or two
Brains, at least some.


If you are unsure or not very confident handling live wires, DISCONNECT Your BATTERY prior to working on your car.

- need to remove the stereo fascia

Grab the fascia and pull it out towards you.


remove the stereo, 4 x screws. 2 each side of the stereo (see red arrows bellow). Pull the Stereo forwards and unplug the antenna and connector, you may also have to unplug the CD changer if you have one.


Remove the cancer stick lighter; turn the back of the barrel clockwise if youíre looking at it the same way as the photo. It actually gets undone counter clockwise, depends how you look at it while turning. (See red arrow bellow)
also unplug the connector for the lighter.


time to fit start button to the cigarette lighter housing. Start by making a template of the switch. DO NOT RUSH this part.

Outline the switch on some hard paper, and then cut it out as show in the pic bellow.

Make sure the template fits your switch before you butcher your lighter housing.

Mark out the housing with your template, make sure you have allowed for the grooves the switch has. as shown below by the red arrows.

now this bit is IMPORTANT

file out the housing in order to fit the S2000 start button, keep test fitting the button to make sure you donít overdo it as you file the housing away. Also do not apply to much pressure to the housing as it not very strong.

You want the switch to fit in to the housing snug. So it does not move at all and is as flush as you can get it on the front. This is the way the switch is mounted and sits there.

DO NOT RUSH this part.

This is what you should have when you done.


Time to do some wiring up. Undo the bottom dash cover, and locate the connector that has the start signal and constant power.

look in the direction under the dash where the two red arrows meet in the Pic bellow

you want to find this

this connector will have two wires

a white wire ( wht )
and a Black wire with a white trace ( blk/wht )

unplug it and lower it down so you can work on it under the dash area.

This is how we are going to wire the S2000 Start Button

get out your relay and relay base

unsheathe the sheathe of the two wires and expose the wires so you can work on them

NOTE : if your car has an aftermarket alarm or Immo and they have cut the starter wire to immobilize the car you must wire the relay after the immobilizer relay.

do not extend the wires from the contact side of the relay base, as they are heavy gauge and you do not want to create a weak point in the start system,

- wire pin 30 side of the relay to the white wire, solder the wire well and when it has cooled down, wrap it up well with good quality electrical tape.

- Now wire pin 87 of the relay to the Black/yellow wire. Solder the wire well and when it has cooled down, wrap it up well with good quality electrical tape.

- if you want to disable the ignition switch from starting the car, cut the wire that goes from the switch to the yellow wire from the relay. for example in the picture below cut the blk/yel wire where the yellow arrow is pointing to it, above the join. This is between the relay and the IGN switch. You do not have to disable it, what ever floats you boat, its up to you if you only want the S2k button to start the car or both.

If you do cut it make sure you insulate it with electrical tape at both ends.

Time to wrap up the yellow wire from the relay base and your connections up to make them look pretty.

Now its time to wire up the relay coil to the S2000 Switch

locate the IGN wire. its Black with a yellow trace ( blk/yel ) and a good ground.

look at you under dash fuse box and locate the IGN wire. (Right red arrow on pic bellow)

- Now join a wire to that and run it to the lighter location over by the stereo.

- Now you have to find a good ground point. (Red arrow in pic bellow)

- And wire it to the white wire on the relay base pin 86. Make sure you solder joint is neat and then wrap it up with a good quality electrical tape.

- Also wire a ground wire over to the lighter location over by the stereo.

- run a wire from the last wire you will have on your relay base. pin 85 white wire to the lighter location over by the stereo. Solder it to pin 85 of the relay base. Again good solder join and wrap it up with electrical tape.

you can now wrap up as much of the relay wiring as you can and cable tie it up under the dash out of the way.

Now you will have 3 wires you ran to the lighter location over by the stereo. see pic bellow.

get your floppy drive power cable connector, find out the best way you want it to fit in the back of the s2000 start switch and wire up the wires to the wires you ran in the following order. see the schematic above

pin 3 of the S2000 Switch goes to Ground
pin 4 of the S2000 Switch goes to the blk/yel wire IGN
pin 5 of the S2000 Switch goes to pin 85 of the relay.

the floppy drive power cable colours donít come into play at all, just ignore the colours.


make the lighter hole a bit bigger, donít over do it


add some double sided tape as shown by the red arrows in the pic bellow

now press on the S2000 switch in the lighter housing. Also plug the floppy drive power connector into the back of the S2000 switch making sure you line up the pins correctly to how they are ment to be wired.

now fit the stereo and the dash fascia in reveres to how you removed them.

Reconnect your battery if you disconnected it. Test your car starts from the normal ignition switch if you did not disable it.

now test the S2000 start button

Your done.

You will notice at nigh when you turn the IGN on the words ENGINE START will illuminate with out turning on your parkers.

this is by design.


here is a video of the start button if you want to see it in action

click here



Disclaimer: The following is provided as a GUIDE ONLY, I do Not take any responsibility for the outcomes of someone else doing the following. You follow these steps at your own risk!













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