Honda S2000 Wheel on 5th Gen Prelude



               Disclaimer: The following is provided as a GUIDE ONLY, and I do not take any responsibility for the outcomes of someone else doing the following. You follow these steps at your own risk!


WARNING: Due to the low budget of this DIY, I have not been able to do any crash testing. PUT A DIFFERENT MODEL SRS WHEEL ON YOUR CAR AT YOUR OWN RISK.

In this DIY, I will describe how to install another SRS wheel into your existing SRS Honda, Just because this DIY is based on a S2000 wheel into a 5th Gen ATTS Lude, there is no reason you cannot use parts of this DIY to install a CTR wheel into an EJ civic, the concept is the same. This DIY will describe how to wire up the cruise control for a Prelude. You will have to figure it out for other cars.

Just some important things to know about Honda SRS systems.

- Never cut any SRS wiring
- Never recorder any SRS wiring
- do not tamper with any of the wires housed in Yellow conduit
- do not probe the inflator ( airbag ) with a multi meter
- always disconnect both battery terminals (neg 1st) and wait 3 min before unplugging any SRS components.
- Never leave an inflator face down on the ground.

some Type I and type II SRS systems have the SRS ECU housed on the back of the airbag inflator in the steering wheel, these types of wheels are not interchangeable and you cannot change them, for example ( as far as I know )

4th gen Preludes
EG civic,
EK Civic

so here we go

Aim: Pimp your Ride

14mm socket
Phillips Head Screw driver
size 30 torx bit and a tool to drive it
multi meter
1n4004 diode
small flat head screw driver
die grinder/ file / or angle grinder,

Steps: 1

The 1st step is to remove both battery terminals, start with the negative terminal and then follow on with the positive terminal. When both terminals are off wait 3 minuets before disconnecting any SRS components.


remove the two access covers to gain access to the Inflator connector and mounting bolts.


locate and undo the two torx bolts with a 30 size torx bit ( size 27 also works but you risk damaging the bolt )


pull the inflator back towards you, you will see the yellow inflator connector ( red arrows bellow ). Pull the connector foreskin back and pull the connectors apart. Allow the foreskin to slide back as this acts as a short for the inflator's wiring to prevent static discharge.

Unplug the Horn connector ( yellow arrow pic bellow ), then Unplug the cruise control connector ( green arrow bellow ).


Place the Inflator on the ground, in a dry cool area with the facing up shown in pic bellow

this is VITAL, NEVER STORE A SRS WHEEL FACE DOWN, if it goes of, its airborne, you will find it 1km or so away from where it was sitting, not to mention the big hole in your roof.


Undo the steering wheel bolt/nut shown in step 4 by the blue arrow.

5th Gen Preludes use a bolt with a 14mm head. turn it counter clockwise.


do not take the nut/bolt completely off, leave it on 4 or so turns. the idea of this is to stop the wheel flying off and hitting you in the head when you pull it off, and you will be pulling hard, trust me. Before my days of automotive knowledge, I knocked myself out cold this way and had FORD bruised in to my forehead backwards. go ahead laugh, everyone else does.

Now with one or two feet on the floor of the car pull with all your might as shown in the red arrows bellow. The wheel should slip out of its splines. If it does not you can use a Puller Kit to remove it as the wheel has two threaded holes in it. But you should be able to yank it off. When it budges, remove the center nut and center the wheel and remove the wheel. careful of the wiring loom as you remove it. Never pull on the cable reel or its wires

STEP: 8 ( for ATTS 5th Gen Preludes ONLY )

place both your wheels on a bench. Bellow is a comparison pic, the Lude wheel is at the back with the S2000 Wheel in front

Time to do a comparison of the two wheels, pay attention to the notches on the wheels noted by the red arrows in the pics bellow.

5th gen ATTS Prelude wheel bellow

S2000 Wheel Bellow

notice how the ATTS wheel has an extra notch due to a ATTS sensor, we have to add this to the S2000 wheel. you can still use the S2000 wheel on a civic or non ATTS Lude after you have added this notch, so donít worry about devaluing your wheel.

Line up the wheels as shown in the Pic bellow and mark out with a black marker where the notch should be. Line up the wheel in such a way you get the notch on the correct side.

Now grind a notch the same depth and location into the S2000 wheel as on the Prelude wheel. pay attention and donít mess up, make sure you put the notch on the correct side.

I use this tool to do it, its a die grinder, used to port and polish heads, and lots of other cool stuff, but you can use a file or an angle grinder, just donít make a mess of it.

this is what you should have

STEP: 9 ( for Preludes with cruise control )

now we have to figure out the cruise control wiring as the S2000 wheel has a 5 pin connector on its buttons and the Preludes have a 4 pin connector, so we have remove the pins from the connectors and reinsert them into a specific order into the S2000 5 pin connector.

Donít worry if you have a Prelude, I have figured it out for you.

This is what you have to do.

Remove the cruise control switch panel off both wheels, 2x Phillips head screws per wheel.

Do a continuity test of both steering wheels cruise control buttons.

here are the results

S2000 5 pin connector ( pic above )

pins ( back side of connector )

| 1 2 3 4 5 |

2= n/a
3= Common
4= n/a
5= Resume/Accel

Prelude 4 pin connector ( looking at the pin side of the connector )

| 1 2 3 4 |

1 = n/a
3 = Resume / Accel
4 = Common

1 = air bag inflator
2 = air bag inflator
3 = SET/Decel
4 = Accel/Resume
5 = common
6 = Horn
7 = n/a

so now its time to remove the connectors from the wiring looms, start on the S2000 wheel.

get a 1N4004 rectifier diode and poke it in the hole of the connector shown in the pic bellow, you can use anything similar.

this is what your aiming to do in the connector to free the pin

by poking in there your opening those two tabs with the green bits on them, allowing the pin to be free'd from the connector,

pull on the wire as shown bellow, be careful, donít pull to hard

slide the pin out, do not loose the green connectors.

do the same to the car

thatís it for now for the cruise control, we have to do some more later on.

STEP: 10

time to fit the S2000 wheel to the prelude, make sure you fit the wheel so its in the center position, not left or right hand down. ( so it drives straight when you are driving straight. )

Connect the horn connector shown bellow by the red arrow, and guide the 3 cruise control wires through to the area where the buttons are ment to be.
Red arrow bellow for 3x grey wires.



STEP: 11 ( for Cruise control only )

time to fit the cruise control switch 5 pin connector we removed earlier from the S2000 wheel.

do it as follows

from the pics above in step 8 of the cable real on the prelude column

1 = air bag inflator
2 = air bag inflator
3 = SET/Decel
4 = Accel/Resume
5 = common
6 = Horn
7 = n/a

plug the conectors in to the 5 pin connector as follows

Prelude cable real .....................S2000 5 pin connector shown above
1 = air bag inflator
2 = air bag inflator
3 = SET/ 5
4 = Accel/ 1
5 = 3
6 = Horn
7 = n/a

slide back into place the green locking tab to lock the pins into the connector.

plug in the cruise control switches and remount it onto the wheel.

STEP: 12

now locate the cable guides in the wheel, fit the SRS wires shown in the yellow circle below and the horn wire shown in the blue circle below

STEP: 13

fit the wheel center bolt/nut, start it by hand then do it up tight clockwise. If you donít know how tight to do it, consult the workshop manual.

STEP: 14

fit the inflator ( airbag ) and reconnect its connector, make sure it snaps into place and is on properly.

STEP: 15

now fit the two torx bolts, do them up loosely as you 1st put them in, then tighten them when your happy where your Inflator sits in the wheel, again do them up tight, but not super tight. consult your workshop manual for specs.

now fit the covers for the wheel

now reconnect the battery ( neg ) terminal 1st then the ( pos ) terminal, start the engine, and make sure the SRS light goes out after 8 seconds, if it does you have done well,

take the car for a drive and make sure

- the Horn works
- the cruise control works
- Vtec engages
- ATTS works
- the wheel is center when driving straight
- The indicators self return check both sides

thatís it

I can confirm the following for anyone who cares

you can put a CTR wheel on a

EM Civic
EJ civic
5th Gen Prelude

You can put a S2000 Wheel on a

EM Civic
EJ civic
5th Gen Prelude

you can put a EJ wheel on a 5th Gen Prelude ( not that you would want to )


Disclaimer: The following is provided as a GUIDE ONLY, I do Nottake any responsibility for the outcomes of someone else doing the following. You follow these steps at your own risk!













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