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   By socketing your ECU you are able to insert external chips ( EPROM ) into your ECU with a custom tune. This service will allow you to run 3rd party add-ons to your JDM, USDM, AUDM or EUDM ECU such as Crome, Neptune, Hondata, Uberdata, Hondalog etc, You can then make a custom tune for your engine or  just simply be able to perform data logging.  Features:  socket for 28pin EPROM and add necessary components, Add the communications port header, Add Jumpers for external ROM and Com Port duplex setting.


Add VTEC Support OBDI


 Non VTEC ECU's can be converted to support VTEC engines and run P30 or custom code, Great for keeping cost down when performing B20 conversions. some supported ECU's are  P06, P29, P75, PR4 etc  ( almost any non vtec OBDI ECU )


Add IAB Support


  IAB ( Intake Air Butterfly ) support can be added to any OBDI ecu to allow you to power the solenoid that controls the IAB butterfly's in the intake manifold of the VTIR Engines. A must for H22A, H23A, B18C engines with IAB. Positive or Negative trigger available as an output depending on your application.


Add Oxygen Heater Support


  Single wire oxygen sensor ECU's will not support a 4 wire oxygen sensor without modification, The ECU will log Code 41 when you attempt to run a 4 wire O2 ROM.  OBDI ECU's that are meant for SOHC engines that had single wire O2 can have 4 wire Heated O2 ( HO2 ) support added.  JDM and well as the bigger style AUDM ECU's supported.

Convert Auto ECU to Manual ECU

  Automatic ECU's can be converted to Manual so you can prevent code 19 and get rid of the MIL ( Engine Light ).


Disable ELD OBDI and OBDIIa


 Almost all JDM ECU's come with ELD in the ROM code, ELD stands for Electronic Load Detector. The ECU will alter the output of the Alternator to compensate for the electrical load on the vehicles electrical system. Commonly on JDM Engine conversions you will end up with code 20.  This can be disabled in all OBDI and OBDIIa ECU's,  P06, P07, P08, P29, P13, P14, P28, P30, POA, PCT  for B18C, B16A, H22A etc conversions.


Diagnose and Repair of Faulty ECU


 Some times an faulty ECU can be bought back into service with some TLC,

free quotes on faulty ECU repair



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